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Things to Do in Williams AZ

If you’re looking for things to do in Williams AZ , consider Bearizona. Bearizona is not a traditional zoo, but a true wildlife park. Located in Williams, Arizona, Bearizona is an experience that allows you to not only drive-through the park with the animals but also lets you walk around and explore various exhibits on foot. When you drive-through, you can see up close Rocky Mountain Goats, Alaskan Dall Sheep, Rocky Mountain Elk,  Mule Deer, American Burros, Alaskan Tundra Wolves, Arctic Wolves, Junior Black Bears, White Bison, Brown Bison, Bighorn Sheep, and Black Bears. These animals can be observed in their natural environment where they have a lot of room to roam and be themselves. In my opinion, it is best to go in the early morning, just before feeding time, rather than after as the bears tend to be in nap mode post feeding. The animals come super close to your vehicle so it’s important to keep your windows up and drive slowly. If you don’t feel comfortable driving your own car through, you can always opt for one of their bus tours. On the bus tour, guides give you a ton of interesting facts and expert information about the animals.

Wildlife Walk including Bear Cubs

The exhibits in the walking portion of Bearizona includes Beavers, Porcupines, North American Rover Otters, Bobcats, Javelina, Red Foxes, and the adorable and fascinating Black Bear Cubs. Below is a video I captured of the bear cubs playing on my last visit.

There is also a birds of prey show that they present including hawks, owls, falcons and other raptors. There are plenty of tours, shows, and events throughout the day to keep you and your whole family entertained. For official info, hours of operation, and show times visit the Bearizona website.

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